Hi from Bishkeks, Kirghizia.   Pastor Vladislav Gromov.
December, 2000.

Each teacher wishes to transfer valuable knowledge to the schoolboys. Especial pleasure for the teacher is, when the schoolboy begins harmoniously to work and to think. It is the purpose. The teacher by all forces tries to encourage and to fix success: " Is correct, forward, it turns out, it turns out! "
Recently at a lesson of the English language we reasoned on surprising event from life Jesus and His schoolboys in Matthew.16:13-17, " For whom accept me, Son human? " " For whom you accept? " And here there was a miracle, which Jesus so waited for. He waited, when the schoolboys will hear from the Father. The great Teacher was pleased, that Peter has heard silent whisper of Spirit, is restrained has opened the mind(wit) for filling from a pure(clean) source. Peter has heard love of the Father to The Son, love of the Father to sinners, for the sake of which was conceived and the plan of rescue was carried out! Jesus has told Peter: " Blessed you, Simon, son Iohnin! The Father has talked to you. He has opened to you, who I ". 
As we are pleased, observing for with increase a precious smoke God's! We hear this vote and these words: " you blessed, blessed, because the Father has opened to you. It from Sacred Spirit, it not from the man, but God communicates with you in The word ". 
We - happy people, we notice surprising secret of transformation and dialogue, we see, how there leaves shyness and occurs prowess circulation in blessed, we see quality of new life, and it not from the man, but God's, and great blessing. Our joyful God, Teacher blessed, is very pleased: " Still, continue to go, continue, do not stop. Continue, when it is clear, continue, when gloomy, continue in dialogue with The one who calls you, and wishes to learn you to The nature, character ".
Somebody told about multimillionaire Ford, that it was always regretting man. When he was washerman on refuelling , he regretted, that he not millionaire. When he became millionaire, he regretted, that cunningly perfect time washerman of machines. We too were such, but have heard from the Sirs, and began to speak words the Sirs, and our life became filled sense, pleasure, friends, pleasant efforts of an Empire, and each day is: " you blessed, you blessed, because it is the Father has opened to you ". Jesus is glad, that we on ways of true and life hear all from the Father better. Ahmen. With loves in the Christ, Son of the God alive, item. Vladislav.
The letter of news from Galina Petrovna.
" Still there are empty places ". In life of the students of the Bishkek Bible institute all for the first time. In one of Sundays after service there was a concert program, and people has come more, than always. The teachers and students have appeared at the spectators in one quality: the actors. The talents have revealed, and the grateful spectators were beneficial. The pleasure of dialogue became main in a body of the Christ and this day. There were some new people, but I would like to write about the certificates of some students, which blessing me and others.
Oleg: " my student's life was not easy from the very beginning. My decision to study in Bible Institute, was immediately attacked. One my friend has told, that it not the correct doctrine, and it is better to not begin. I practically is constant heard negative things about church, but I understood, that I in a correct place, and once, having trained, can help my friend ".
Nurdshamal: " I so am grateful to the God, that I in this church and am trained in Bible institute. I receive in all blessed. The remarkable teachers, excellent dialogue, student's suppers, discussion, and such talents - shows, where feel everyone as houses ".
Iljahr: " I never heard of such doctrine about the Christ. It is very interesting, when the word opens before by me the alive God the Bible. Only about what I very much pity(regret), that has not taken all disciplines in this semester. I plan in the following semester to take more. Pay attention, that in this hall there are empty places. And this my phrase sounds, as the invitation in Bible institute ".
Pamir. There is at us in church a remarkable brother Pamir. He large blessing for all of us, when he does the introduction before the basic sermon. In total some months, as Pamir became the believer, but the Lord powerfully asserts(approves) him. Today how to begin the part he has noticed: " the first semester also was finished. There were examinations. I want to thank ours pastors and members of a team for that blessed, which they have given to us. I was surprised, how much I have learned(found out) for this short time. The word of the God really works in our life, and it very much is pleasant to me ".
The letter of news from Nini Panzhenko.
Hi dear friends. Hi to you from Bishkeks. On blessed of the God, I nine months on this missionary field in surprising church in Bishkek. The god has shown set of miracles in life of the believers here in Kirghizia, and I became much closer to the God for these months. So it is surprising to live in constant expectation from him, to communicate with him, to live in His will, to look at the world by His eyes, then in life there are no accidents happy or ridiculous, but we can see a hand of the God, how he conducts each of us. 
Month three ago, during one of church services in a hall the young pregnant woman has come. She shy has asked: " It is possible to listen? " Her have invited to sit. She has listened to the sermon, has accepted the Christ, and after service, when her have asked, as she has learned(found out) about church, she has told the interesting certificate: each day she goes for a walk in a court yard of the house, and has paid attention that sometimes from windows of library, where pass our services the songs glorifying the God reach. She has remembered days and hours, when it occurs, and became simply leave at this time and to listen to songs from a street, but in one of evenings, she has decided to go. So the God is surprising has found and has resulted her in church. We were asked for her, for her husband, for safe birth of the child. And now child already was born. 
Recently she has come in church together with the husband, and he too has accepted the Christ. It was the large pleasure for all church - to see this young, and happy pair to know, that now they are in hands of the God. The god knows the people here in Kirghizia, and conducts them in church, or conducts church on meeting with them. On one of the Gospeling, on ways in Voronzovka (small resort settlement in foothills Tien Shan), the God has presented us of two remarkable drivers, whose hearts were ready and are open for the Gospel. Within 15-20 minutes they listened the Gospel, and then both to pray. When we send from machines, we wanted to inform with each other that our driver was rescued. And what pleasure it was, when we have learned(found out), that these both men were rescued also we shall see them on heavens.
Not always all occurs so quickly and smoothly, but most important, that we were not tired and continued to serve to the people loves and blessed, and then the result will be necessary. 
One year ago, in a society(community) of the invalids pastor Vladislav has got acquainted with one man. Within one year the church visited him, encouraged, was divided by a word, witnessings, helped, than could, and, certainly, were asked, that he has come in church. And two weeks ago God has answered our prays. He has come on service together with the wife and daughter. The god is correct, and we need only to study to trust in him. 
Trusting the God, our students have finished the first semester. Ahead still examinations, but they trust, that with the God there is nothing impossible. And after examinations - surprising holiday - Christmas. For many in church is first Christmas. And consequently they test the special excitement, and want, that this Christmas should be best. The students prepare christmas performance, and at all of us the large expectations from the God. You see the Christmas is always time special the Gospeling, when it is possible to invite the friends, relatives. 
Are asked, that many here, in Bishkek and in general in Kirghizia these christmas days have learned(found out), who has accepted such Jesus, and Him as personal Rescuer. Are asked as well about forthcoming missionary trip on Kirghizia, are asked about the following semester of Bible institute, about the students, teachers, about the interpreters, are asked as well about my support. The god correctly supports me within all these months, and glory to the God for those people, which correctly give back the finance on mission. But it is difficult to be in mission without regular, monthly support, because it is necessary regularly to pay for an apartment, to eat, you see you any more at home. The cheapest apartments here in Bishkek 50-60 dollars per one month, and during all this time, I can not afford to remove such apartment. I simply take off cot at one woman, but the apartment for missionary - is very important. Because this place, where you can communicate with the people carry out(spend) personal time. And in general, when the church has no an own building, apartments missionaryes is a place, where the church services, discussion proceed. Now, when in the following semester I shall conduct a rate in Bible institute, I shall require especially, that there was an opportunity both to be engaged, and to be asked, and simply to have a rest. And I believe, that the God can make all this. Therefore I am asked, and I ask, that you also were asked about support. Blessing you the God, with loves in the Christ, Ninah.
The letter of news from Polina Braslavitch.
December 12, 2000.
One of these days there will be two months, as I have arrived to the Bishkek church Great Blessed, where pastor of church is pastor Vladislav, and members of a team - Galina Petrovna, pastor Magnus, Nina Panztenko and I. 
For this time I have seen and has heard set of various things in church and in Bible institute. I was encouraged by that believing in church and students in Bible institute very much increased, is especial the students. They have handed over intermediate examination and now prepare for final examinations in this first semester. So pastor Vladislav not vainly believes the life for them. You can to yourselves present, that already two young Kirghiz lad are divided by a word in church on Sundays. 
I also was excited, when has seen the letters believing from Ashabad of church. These all letters, which they have sent in the Bishkek church, were ornamented by paints. These letters shined by light of the Christ, and were filled loves and blessed. They so love Jesus and want to follow him. Are asked for them, for pastor Vladimir, and, that the God has presented them the computer. 
And still I have seen, that Jesus has come in Kirghizia to rescue lost and many respond to His love and accept as the personal Rescuer.
On an apartment, where I live, once per one week passes pray assembly. With a team and people from church we go for city on the Gospeling, we distribute the treatises. For myself I have planned each day to distribute even to two treatises, and I do so.
Now people prepare for Christmas. Everyone participate in preparation of the celebratory programs. I also take part in preparation. Please, are asked for our church. For the students, for me and my health. Let God blessing you is plentiful. 
" Hoping on the Sirs will be updated in force: will lift wings, as eagles, will begin to flow - and not get tired, will go - and will not get tired " (Isaiah.40:31). Polihna.

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