The sports are there is a World!
The sports it are the peace!

  • Exclaim.GIF (1443 bytes)This sports page only is created. Responsible for this page will be
    Olga Elesina olga.jpg (16357 bytes)
    The candidate of engineering science.
    Has to defend a thesis on a theme: " Influence of not metal inclusions on durability of steel ".
  • Was engaged in increase of durability and improvement of special properties constructional steels with possible replacement some amorphous by alloys
  • Carried out researches of new methods of research of black and colour metals and alloys. Has more than 70 proceedings on metallurgy.
  • The senior lecturer of faculty of physical culture and health The Moscow Institute of steel and alloys
    The second maximum education has received in the Moscow Institute of physical culture.
    The mastery of sports on easy athletics.
    The mastery of sports on ski races.
    The winner and prize-winner of the International competitions on long distances, Marathon race, super Marathon race.
    Studied questions:
    Definition of a level of health of the sportsmen
    Longevity of the sportsmen in sports
    Sports dietology

    6 proceedings on sports subjects connected to definition of a level of health of the sportsmen are published.
  • For participation in the sports project the nationalities are invited all wishing without dependence from territorial borders. The offers, wishes and application form for participation in the project send to the electronic address:
    Subject "Sports project"
    It can be:
    The organizers of the international sports competitions,
    The winners and participants of sports competitions,
    Sports clubs,
    The fans of various kinds of sports.
    For Internet a geographical residence, age and national language the importance have no!

    Dear sponsors!
    If you wish, that about your goods, services sports or complicated intellectual, information technologies it became known to the potential consumers, inform about the wishes to the address:
    Subject "Sports and intellect project"

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